Centaurs have two ribcages

05 Feb 2024

Alternative search engines

1,892 words, ~7 min read

# Introduction Google for decades now has completely cornered the market in terms of search engine use. The closest...
17 Nov 2023

Upgrading The Steam Deck

1,439 words, ~5 min read

The Steam Deck is a truly marvellous piece of hardware. Running off of a version of Arch Linux, selling good specs at ...
08 Nov 2023

New theme added + some announcements

714 words, ~2 min read

Added a new theme to whoisthisjoker.com! Trust me, there is a reason. So originally I used [hugo.386](https://theme...
04 Sep 2023

RSS Feed now fixed!

124 words, ~0 min read

The RSS feed now shows the full body of every article, as of today! For some reason, Hugo chooses by default to on...
31 Aug 2023

How to bring back old YouTube

795 words, ~3 min read

YouTube ain't great anymore. It used to be THE way to watch online video. It had lots of features that I loved, recomm...