Centaurs have two ribcages

19 Apr 2024

Deus Ex - Where Are They Now?

2,471 words, ~9 min read

# Where Are They now? A new article series ## Introduction, and why I am starting this series ![Deus Ex Cover Art](ht...
05 Feb 2024

Alternative search engines

1,892 words, ~7 min read

# Introduction Google for decades now has completely cornered the market in terms of search engine use. The closest...
17 Nov 2023

Upgrading The Steam Deck

1,439 words, ~5 min read

The Steam Deck is a truly marvellous piece of hardware. Running off of a version of Arch Linux, selling good specs at ...
08 Nov 2023

New theme added + some announcements

714 words, ~2 min read

Added a new theme to whoisthisjoker.com! Trust me, there is a reason. So originally I used [hugo.386](https://theme...
04 Sep 2023

RSS Feed now fixed!

124 words, ~0 min read

The RSS feed now shows the full body of every article, as of today! For some reason, Hugo chooses by default to on...