Centaurs have two ribcages


My name is Daniel Jones. This is my blog. I chose the name because of a tool idea that I had back in 2021, but it never panned out. What is a guy supposed to do with a spare domain? I decided to just make a blog out of it.

I graduated from LeTourneau University in December 2020 at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, and am now working as a full time system’s analyst. I enjoy retro technology(computers from 2005-backwards.), books, programming things for personal use, and tabletop RPGs.

At the moment I am working on an ebook reader called Bibliofile, but once that is done I have some other projects in mind that I want to do.

I do not use much social media outside of Discord, LinkedIn, and HackerNews, but if you want to reach me for any reason, you can contact me at daniel@whoisthisjoker.com.

If you want to know about my political/entertainment views or get a better sense of my personality, here is my geek code:

GCS/IT d+ s++: a- C++ UBL*$ P++$ L+++ E- W++ N++ !o w+ !O M- !V PS+ PE+ Y+ PGP t+ 5++ X+++ R+ tv+ b+++ DI– D++ G e++ h+

Important note: absolutely nothing I produce is AI generated. No photos, no articles, no code. It’s all 100% organic, home-grown, and USDA approved(not really). While I see nothing wrong with AI, me and many others value the hard work and passion that comes from doing things yourself. AI, as nifty as it is, I find it to be too impersonal and sterile to really be enjoyable. I want my personality to shine through, so no AI. No siree.