Are lobsters scorpion mermaids?

28 Jun 2023

What a month

393 words, ~1 min read

## Storms, broken cars, power outages, and more This month has been absolutely insane. At the beginning, my car bro...
07 Jun 2023


388 words, ~1 min read

## Bibliofile: the new ebook reader So, in December, I wrote out a plan to write 10 medium sized programs in orde...
07 Jun 2023

Thoughts on Apples viewfinder

683 words, ~2 min read

WWDC recently happened, and overall it was mostly boring. They announced widgets four separate times, a Snoopy wat...
06 Jun 2023

Hello world

183 words, ~0 min read

Hello! I have moved my blog from Wordpress to Hugo. Some reasons for this is: - Hugo is faster. - It can run on G...
19 May 2023

Why I switched to Linux

1,070 words, ~4 min read

In 2015 Windows 10 was released. Two years earlier I had gained a Windows 8.1 laptop that I had a love-hate relation...